What it means to be plus size and sexy

Many girls think that the men in their lives are looking for a girl that's pin thin. The kind of girl who can shrug off her jeans without even unbuttoning them, the kind of girl who has no curves whatsoever but can fake them in a pushup bra. But surveys show that men actually prefer the opposite - they don't want skinny. They want curves, and lots of them. To men, curves = babies, and babies = evolution. A skinny girl won't be able to provide for a kid, but a plump one? She'll have enough nutrients and then some. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone, and it's not as black and white as stated above - but the bottom line is that big girls should feel good about their voluptuous nature - because chances are, the men love it!

Are you big and beautiful? We've got tons of costumes to help you celebrate your body, not hide it. One of our favorites is the Boxer Girl costume - whip off this sexy black and pink robe, and you're ready for the ring! If you like short, tight and black, you'll love our Knockout Nurse costume - but beware, all the men will be running to you with "medical problems" that need solving, right away! Take 'em down with our Double Zip Gangster Moll costume, and take to the skies with our Mile High Captains costume. Want more sexy costumes? Click here. 

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