Our Favorite Sexy Couples Costumes

It's always better when you're together, isn't it? So why not do a couple's costume this Halloween? Separate costumes are fun, and of course, it's always great to get dolled up with the girls - but you and your hubby deserve to have some quality time together, and why not spend that quality time finding that perfect sexy couple's costume? Here are a few of our favorites. Subvert the norm with our El Tori the Terri Bull costume - put your husband in the bull costume and dress up yourself as the sexy bull tamer. This costume might attract some looks, but it's likely to bring the laughs to your Halloween party. If your husband refuses to wear anything but a suit and tie (his average outfit), play along with him and come up with a creative costume concept. Don our sexy French Chamber Maid costume and bring him along with you - he's the businessman, and you're just his off duty cleaner. At least, that's what he tells his wife...

Go gothic together with our vampire costume offerings. Ladies who love a ballgown will adore our Gothic Vampira costume, which is fit for a vampire queen, and men will feel awfully suave and just a little bit magical in our Handsome Devil Elite Vampire costume. A pair of fangs, ready for action! Got a toga party to attend this Halloween? We've got you covered, with our Toga Toga Adult costume set. Greek togas for all! Just make sure they stay on all night! For more couples costumes, click here. 

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