Our sexiest horror costumes

We don't know about you, but from time to time, we like to get a little dark. You know, explore our wild side. Now, don't get the wrong idea - we're just talking about the dark side in terms of costumes. This Halloween, we're going to go all out and vamp it up - get really sexy! Most of the time, sexy means hot pink. It means short, and tight, and all around revealing. And most of the time, it works - it gets women the attention they want, and has the guys come crawling. But sometimes, it's fun to be a bit crazy, and to go all out with the horror and gothic-type costumes. The best costumes start out with good hair, especially when you're looking to go goth. One woman comes to mind: Helena Bonham-Carter.  Her out of control couldn't be better for these sorts of costumes. Unfortunately, not all of us blessed with such voluminous manes, and for that reason, we've got a wig that mimics Helena's insane mane. Our Frighten Vamp adult wig is a fabulous addition to any great horror costume. Ready to get scary? You'll need our Evil Pixie costume, which features a short sassy dress that's one part sexy and one part horror. Of course, when it comes to horror costumes, we can't forget our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes, including our popular Sexy Jack women's costume. If you're not looking for horror but prefer gothic, you'll love our Burlesque Victorian costume, which is about as sexy as it can get - but not at all traditional. Another favorite? The Coffin Queen costume. Watch out, gentlemen - she has arisen! For more sexy horror costumes, click here. 

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